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• Whereas, the members of the Missouri House of Representatives take tremendous pride in each of Missouri's many fine communities, all of which have played an important role in the development of this state; and

• Whereas, July 29, 1996 marks the Seventieth Anniversary of the City of Lake Tapawingo, Missouri, a milestone representing seven decades of outstanding progress; and

• Whereas, it was in July, 1926, that the visionary group of Kansas City businessmen who had formed the Lake Tapawingo Development Company signed and registered the papers that officially created the community of Lake Tapawingo; and

• Whereas, derived from an Indian word meaning either "beautiful water" or "beautiful place", Lake Tapawingo was constructed by the Lake Tapawingo Development Company as an "exclusive sports retreat and rest haven built on 315 beautiful rolling wooded acres"; and

• Whereas, the City of Lake Tapawingo has enjoyed significant growth and development in many important areas over the years while continuing to offer its residents a uniquely high quality of life as a community situated around an impressive 87.8 acre lake with 5.6 miles of shoreline; and

• Whereas, the City of Lake Tapawingo was officially formed in order to prevent annexation by either Blue Springs or Independence in 1962, since which time the community has aptly maintained its charm, appeal, and prosperity under the direction of the Lake Tapawingo Development Company, the Country Club, and the City government; and

• Whereas, since the first house was built at Lake Tapawingo in 1926, the community has grown to include a total of some 375 homes and a population of some 850 residents, all of whom continue to enjoy a variety of recreational opportunities, which include swimming, boating, fishing, water skiing, and ice skating:

• Now, therefore, be it resolved that we, the members of the Missouri House of Representatives, Eighty-eighth General Assembly, hereby join unanimously in extending our warmest congratulations to all the dedicated leaders and citizens of Lake Tapawingo as they join in commemorating this very special Seventieth Anniversary event, and further extend to them our very best wishes for continued success as they look to a promising future.

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